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    Daily Drawing 05/30/14 Sir. Crocodile

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    Spread of the Black Death

    That escalated quickly.

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  3. "There is a wall between us … When we move this wall or bring it down, we find that we are all human beings with similar problems, hardships and tribulations. There are narrow-minded people and extremists on the other side, just as we have narrow-minded people and extremists here. These do not want peace and fiercely oppose it. On the opposite side, the majority of people have become fed up with wars, shedding of blood, losses … Both sides have these people, which is why dialogue and discussions are needed."
    — Words of his late majesty King Hussein in a letter to prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
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    لا أريد …..

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    “If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” 

    Edward Hopper

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    Happy Batman Day!

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